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Zeljko Sinobad
INFocus Talks

INTalks are informal, informative discussions with experienced photographers. INTalks are not lectures, they are more about creative minds behind the camera and their art of photography, her/his career and photographic experience. Audience is encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in the discussion.

Events are free for members and non-members.





Guest speaker:

Liz Linder, professional photographer


9 November, Friday, 2018


Liz will discuss her approach to making portraits through a handful of projects where commercial and personal work intersect. 

About the speaker:

 Liz Linder is a Boston-based photographer who uses images to tell stories that matter. She’s captured iconic personalities like Lou ReedEsperanza Spalding, and Quincy Jones; produced compelling portraits for commercial clients like Louis Vuitton and Takeda Pharmaceuticals; and identifies and illustrates stories at academic institutions like HarvardMITNortheastern, and Berklee. Liz's work has appeared in dozens of leading publications, including Rolling StoneThe New York Times, and Fast Company. She’s been heard on NPR’s On Point; and seen on ABC World News Tonight. Her photographs have appeared on sets in film and TV including the Emmy-winning series, House of Cards. Her personal work is exhibited and collected throughout the U.S. and Europe.




Guest speaker:

Zachary Durant, INFocus Member

September 22, Saturday, 2018

We will explore the tools and techniques used to create beautiful Macro images. How to capture small insects, intricate surface textures, water droplets, and anything else you would like to learn about! Lenses, camera settings and locations will be discussed to help you be successful with planning and capture. We will then explore some post processing techniques to overcome technical limitations such as focus stacking images to compensate for narrow depth of field. I will then share some personal insights from my own efforts and best practices to carry forward.

About the speaker:

Zac Durant started his career as a bio-chemical engineer, helping develop therapeutics for rare diseases. His technical affinity began to evolve into an appreciation for Art about 2 years ago, when he picked up his first camera. Since Zac has taken up Photography as a newfound passion, with this past summer also opening a cinematography journey. Zac also enjoys finish carpentry and furniture making in his free time when he is not behind a camera. He loves to share his knowledge and learn from others so please bring a collaborative energy.



Guest speaker:

Zachary Durant, INFocus Member

April 13, Friday, 2018

This talk will cover an efficient printing workflow and the elements required to print an image intended for framing. How to determine the proper aspect ratio to crop your image, while being mindful of the matte and frame selection. Working in the Photoshop space, we will cover some basic editing techniques using layers and masks. The concept of the histogram will be explored, along with a few key adjustment options such as curves, levels and color balance. We will bring these components together as we take a look at the best approach to edit both a B&W and color photo for print. We will conclude with an overview of resizing the image to fit your desired print area and how to apply sharpening before you are ready to print. This talk will provide the fundamentals as you begin your journey to mastering the Art of Printing.

INFocus Talks Series




15 September, 2017


Guest Speaker:

Dragan Grujic,

Photographer & INFocus member


10 June, 2017


Guest Speaker: 

Mary Pat McNally, photographer

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