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Doina Iliescu

Kelsey Lockhart


Kelsey hails from Longmeadow, Massachusetts where her love for photography was born. After taking her first photo class in high school, she was hooked. 


Exhibitions:  Coffee Hour Series - CHS Gallery

Anthony Adamick


Photography for me started with capturing friends and family.  I love it, photography gives me peace, I love capturing moments in time that can never be replaced.



Zeljko Sinobad

Honorary Member

Zeljko has been professional photographer since 1980. He used to work for many illustrated magazines in former Yugoslavia. He works for magazine "Ilustrovana Politika" and he is Editor in Chief in photography department. He was published in many magazines and travel guides.


He lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Nancy-Mochi Barron


I'm a very verbal, language-oriented person. But at the same time, I have a strong visual bent, and photography allows me to express that. I've long been drawn to avant-garde and street photography imagery (Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz), but I'm now seeing a great opportunity for creatively dovetailing the emotional and visual impacts within the world of Tango. It's such a fertile ground for expression. 

Katya Van Anderlecht


Katya has started to take pictures since she was 5 years old. One of the youngest members of our club

Imre Szabo

Honorary Member

Professional photographer since 1980. His photos have been published in international journals (Stern, Focus, Spiegel, Mond, Lexpress, Time, Newsweek, Herald Tribune, Le Nouvell Observateur etc.), and in major newspapers from former Yugoslavia, later Serbia.


He has been a member of ULUPUDS (The Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Serbia) since 1985. He works as a freelance photographer in Belgrade, Serbia.



Dragan Petakov


Dragan works as a physician in Lowell. So, what is common in medicine and photography? Dragan has a same recipe for both, lots of love in what you do!

Jen Lewis


I have been taking photos since I was a child.  What draws me to photography is the chance to capture a moment in time that shows the balance and beauty of the world, nature, human beings.  Taking photos is a meditation, allowing me to slow down and really see what I'm immersed in. 

Bozidar Kuljich


By training Bozidar is a dentist and he owns a very busy dental practice in Beverly, MA, but he always finds a time to pursue his passion for photography.

Alex Trbovich


Alex Trbovich is by training a physician, but his very serious hobby is photography. He holds the Master degree from the Photo Association of Serbia (KMF FSS) and the Artist degree from the International Federation of Photographic Art (AFIAP). He had two one-man exhibitions and one published book.

Eduardo del Solar


During the week ends and vacations, I found myself quite ready to go at, or before, sunrise.  These are times when the light seems to be so sweet and the natural world is so transformed. Now that I am retired, I am free to pursuit what I like doing best!




Exhibitions:  Coffee Hour Series - CHS Gallery

Dragan Grujic

Dragan works as a freelance photographer in Boston.



Exhibitions:  Coffee Hour Series - CHS Gallery

Zoran Spasojevic


Zoran is a mathematician with a passion for photography. During the last five years, he has been working on a book jointly with his wife, about the exquisite cakes of Europe, their history, and personal stories about growing up in a tradition of extensive home baking.



Christopher Lovett


I was born in Dorchester and have lived in Boston most of my life, currently living on Mission Hill. I began taking photographs on a regular basis as part of my job on a weekly community newspaper covering Dorchester. To this day, some of my photography is still connected with my work covering local news for BNN TV.


Website:  www.

Mary Jodoin


I never set out to be a photographer.  I believe genetics plays a factor. I owe my interest to my father who passed away in 2012. My drive to produce images was then kicked into overdrive.




Exhibitions: Coffee Hour Series - CHS Gallery

William Jordan


William Jordan is a MassArt graduate (BFA Graphic Design) with a longtime passion for pinhole photography, cheap cameras and alternative printing processes. Currently his main thrust is street photography, with an ongoing series entitled  'Drive-By Shootings: Photos Along The Way'.

Sarah Duarte


Ever since I can remember I have had a strong sense of nostalgia. I love photography because allows me to capture those moments and relive them whenever I want.

Nancy Ahmadifar


The gift of a 1950’s Kodak “Brownie” camera at age 10 was my entrée into the world of taking photos for fun.  Many decades later, when I began including local and travel point & shoot snapshots with my letters to prison pen pals, I experienced the power of communicating through photos.  The positive critiques I received enticed me to consider photography more seriously—but still for fun.  Now that I’m retired from an administrative job with the City of Boston, I have time to pursue my latent passion for photography and hone my skills.

Kay Mathew


Photography teaches me to see.  It directs my attention to the moments that make up a lifetime, it gives clarity.  I’ve just now come back to making photographs after a decade away from the camera as more than point and shoot.  It’s important to me to share ideas with colleagues and to learn from them.

David E. Mynott II


My grandfather, father (trained as a Forest Biologist) and brother (Mark Mynott) all demonstrated a flair for photography with increasing talent, in that order. I began photographing in earnest with my Dad’s camera in 1984, got my own in ’87, & haven’t stopped since. I’ve always demonstrated a fascination for architecture, come from a family of environmentalists, and am a lifelong practicing artist. Thus my focus has been nature, architecture and the human figure. The goal is to foster in man an ever-evolving awareness  with the natural world, and mankind’s place in it.

Orlene S. Hagedorn

I bought my first 35mm Canon SLR in 1972 and have not stopped shooting since. Nothing feels like capturing the story, emotion, and light in a single photo. Now a retired school teacher, I am striving toward becoming a more masterful photographer. 

Doina Iliescu

Every time I look through my camera lens, what I see is real. What I capture is real, although I can manipulate the story of what I see later. I love that the viewer always sees an element of the real, even if that’s deliberately distorted later. Paintings, on the other hand, capture the artist’s rendition, an interpretation, of a scene or object. I love that photography captures the “real”.

Steve Johnson

I first began collecting photographs as a way of augmenting my memory, then realized I could apply my own temporal and personal impressions to the storytelling.  I love it because it compels me to see the environment with fresh eyes each time, and it's an education every time. I try to portray the human element in everything I record.

Rob MacIntosh

Observing the world has always been a passion of mine. Not so much the spectacular but those moments in everyday life that exist but for a split second yet tell a complete and compelling story. Digital photography is for me the only medium that can keep up with life in the real and meet my need for instant gratification. It fulfills my being as an artist when someone embraces a split second of life captured through my minds eye with no limits to ponder imposed on them by the flight of time.

Zachary Durant

I like to do photography because it gives me an outlet to express my creativity. Photography gives me a reason to go on adventures, meeting new people and exploring new places. It is something that both myself and others can enjoy and appreciate. As I have become more invested in photography the subtle components have demanded mindfulness and attention to detail, which in turn has invoked a sense of discipline. This learning process is far from over but I am grateful for it. 


Martin Roy Moser

If I was told in 2014 (when I began to take my photography more seriously) that in 2017 I would always have a camera with me, I would not have believed it. Since then, I have come to realize that good photographs are always where I am. My job is to see them.

Elsbeth Hearn

Elsbeth is an engineer by training, but a photographer at heart.  She enjoys telling stories through photographs and exploring how light and reflection can interact, allowing people see the world differently.  Documenting life through photographs is important since this process can influence thoughts and emotions for generations to come.

Dan Vlahos

I am very interested in the idea of “chance” in photography. In this way many of my favorite photos suggest a glance rather than a formal composition. As such when I attempt to curate my favorite photographs, the ones that appeal to me often lack a narrative or purpose. I wonder how and why I captured the image in the first place? My favorite photos are the ones I have little recollection of capturing. I love that sense of mystique. It's like I am questioning my own authorship.


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